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Our Second Trip


Dates: 11/24/2002 - 11/28/2002

Hotel: Port Orleans French Quarter

Room: 5115 & 5116

Who: Linda, Zoe, RJ, Meghan, Courtney, Alan

Transportation: car


We took our Second trip as a family in November of 2002.

We now owed a van and drove to Disney World from La Porte, Texas. Nedless to say it was a long trip. Our crew was comprised of my son (age 14), daughter (age 13), daughter (age 10), daughter (age 5)wife (age ?) and me husband (age 42).

We loaded up Early Friday morning (VCR with plenty of Disney tapes) and headed out. We drove until late that night and spent the night on the other side of Pensacola.

This time we stayed at Port Orleans. We were very surprised with Port Orleans and loved the hotel rooms and area. We did not like haveing to wait for busses to go everywhere (but that is a personal choice).

We had five day park hopper passes this time and made a day just to shop and relax. We also stayed and had Thanksgiving Dinner at our faviorte place Chef Mickey's. We left Friday morning early and drove all the way home. It is a long 16 hour drive but with two of us driveing it went quickly.